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Website Update 02 Jan 2019

Bumper update with photos added to class 31, 37, 47, 52 western, 60 and wagons galleries.

Website Update 14 Sep 2018

New photos added to class 37, 40, 45, 46, 60 and steam galleries.

Website Update 01 Aug 2018

New photos added to class 47 gallery.

Website Update 22 May 2018

Large update, with photos added to class 08, 14, 25, 37 ,40 ,47 and 66 galleries.

Website Update 12 Apr 2018

New photos added to the coaches and steam galleries, as well as some interesting DRS conversions in the class 20 gallery.

Website Update 13 Feb 2018

New photos added to class 57 and wagons galleries.

Ten Year Anniversary 13 Feb 2018

This year Mercig Studios is celebrating it’s ten year anniversary. Many many thanks to all my customers that have made it such a success :)

New camera and software 18 Jan 2018

With a new camera and the use of image stacking there should be a noticeable improvement in the quality of images on the website.

As can be seen in the photo below the loco now remains in focus from the front to the back.

A picture of

Prices 18 Jan 2018

It has been many many years since the last price rise, so due to rising costs I have introduced some small price rises. This really only affects the initial starting price with only a small number of the optional extras changing price.

The price rise does not affect any work that has already been taken on, as well as any quotes given out prior to the price rise are still valid.

Website Update 30 Dec 2017

Lots of new photos added to class 25, 26, 33, 37, 47, wagons, coaches and steam galleries

Plus new gallery section for the latest class 40.